Computer, assist me in reporting.

Posted on November 17, 2012


High-techy-techy. Penny from The Big Bang Theory pretty much sums up my assumptions about this course.

I was not really planning on taking J 116. Its course title, Computer-Assisted Reporting, makes me think of how much I didn’t like my “Computer” subjects in my grade school and high school days. Not that I completely sucked in the subject (I got a 95 there ONCE), I just thought that it was not as important as English or Filipino. Or recess.

So here are my (extreme?) expectations, some of which are the same reasons why I have this aversion towards my grade school/high school Computer subjects.

  1. We are going to use extremely complicated software that I will never figure out how to use.
  2.  We are going to learn how to get better sources in the bottomless pit of information that is the Internet. My inner monologue was like, “So I’m gonna learn how to cyberstalk better? Cool! AS IF I’m not already at the boss level in cyberstalking. Ha ha! (nervous laughter upon awaiting the arrival of the cyber po-po)”.
  3. We are probably gonna do maths and algorithms and whatever. I don’t know if this is just me, but I think that there is an unfortunate relationship between math and computers.
  4. Databases. So I was expecting really complicated database management programs, the ones used in storing every personal information about a human being from full name to foot shape (?). CIA/FBI ang peg. I was also expecting some Excel.
  5. Okay. Class expectations. We are quite a small class, so I’m expecting to know my classmates, in some way. I expect to be with them in times of happiness, grief, and untimely embarrassment in the lovely subject that is J 116.
  6. You know your instructor is cool when he lets you call him “kuya“. And judging by “kuya“‘s Facebook profile picture, I think he and his class will be awesome. Sipsip level: over 9000.

This sem is short, and I am looking forward to my J 116 classes to see if any of my extreme expectations will actually happen. Even though I did not originally plan on taking this, I have a feeling that it will be my most useful journalism elective yet. We are in the Information Age, after all. We are in a world where computers are becoming, if not already, as commonplace as teaspoons. Scary? Maybe, if we’re talking about a dystopian universe where computers are taking over the world. But I am positive about computer-based media. Technology is a huge part of everyday life and there is no turning back. There is good and bad about today’s technology and there is nothing we can do about it. As journalists and members of the human race, we can only deal with it and use it to our advantage. Control your technology, not let it control you. We are in the next century, so computer, assist me in reporting.

This is the next century
Where the universal’s free
You can find it anywhere
Yes, the future’s been sold

No one here is alone, satellites in every home
Yes the universal’s here, here for everyone

– Blur

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