The Accidental Lantern Parade Shot

Posted on December 15, 2012


Dec. 14, 2012 – UP Lantern Parade

This is one of my favorite shots.

Obviously, this shot was an accident. I was completely pissed at my camera because it wasn’t cooperating that night, and I was required to shoot the Lantern Parade. For some reason, this happened.

I was totally pissed because I don’t know if I should blame the freaking thing for being so crappy, or if I should blame myself for not being a good photographer. And now I am overthinking because I don’t know if I should have just roamed around UP to get better shots.

I don’t know, it could be just my female hormones acting up. I was on the Red Sea then.

This was my Lantern Parade. And someday, I’ll only remember it as clearly as my shots. And by that I mean occasionally fuzzy.

Caption for this image: kasing gulo ng utak ko ang shots ko.