UP Lantern Parade 2012

Posted on December 26, 2012


My subject is the UP Lantern Parade, the event itself. Events during the day are entirely different from the events during night. From the ambiance to the people, the Lantern Parade is not all or the same thing. Light is a major playing factor here, especially on the part of the photographer – it is considerably hard to photograph at night.

During the day, everybody is anticipating the event. The Oblation Run just happened that afternoon, and nobody really wants to go home yet. Everybody is preparing. There was higher energy during the day because events are yet to happen. On my part, I have to keep shooting before the light goes away. During the day there is a sense of anticipation and excitement, so nobody is drained of energy yet. Since there weren’t a lot of “outsiders” or non-UP folk yet, I had the freedom to roam around a bit more. During the day, my subjects were floats and the UP community. Also, it was easier to find individual subjects. During the night, I usually took shots of small to big crowds. The UP campus seemed bigger during the day; people were more energetic, and judging by the colors in my photographs, hotter. I think the colors show the warmness of the sun during the day. I think I subconsciously took photos of warm colors because of how I was feeling that day. And the day was hot.

The energy at night was different. In a way, the campus was livelier, with all the non-UP folk. It was also more atmospheric. As a photographer, I was in a constant state of movement – there was always this fear of not capturing the moment. The night side of the event was very livening and I was constantly craving light. The campus seemed smaller during the night. The Lantern Parade during the night was more emotional; the night seems to be the best time for letting one’s thoughts free, making it easier to get a sense of people’s emotions.