Obligatory “highlights of the year” post.

Posted on December 30, 2012


This will be all over the place because I’m not on my full “writer” mode and I’ve got, like, zero hours of sleep. Nada. Zilch. And I’ve got no caffeine in my system right now.

OKAY. Quick recap. It was a hopelessly boring yet life-changing year. Honestly. Nothing exciting ever happens in my life. Any event close to exciting is short-lived and blurry. Like a dream. Or a drunk guy’s retelling of events.

You know how people measure the intensity of earthquakes? It’s kind of like that. Sometimes the intensity goes up to seven, but then it goes back to zero in a second. That’s how frustratingly boring my life is.

Funny that every year I still expect the same straight-out-of-a-chick-flick stuff. Funny that every year I always get disappointed. If my life was a movie, I’d like to fire the entire crew responsible for it. That sounds a little bratty but that’s just how I feel. I feel as though I’m always at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people. Sometimes I think that my life was a mistake, like I’m not supposed to be where I am right now.

Sigh, third-world-middle-class-suburban-misfit-teenage-girl problems, right? Maybe this time I will be mature enough to accept the fact that I should just suck it up because my life really was destined for the black hole of ugh. An exciting, meaningful life? Who am I kidding?

Before you get irritated by my negativity (or realism), let me tell you about the life-changing part. The major highlight of my 2012, I think. Me getting in to my dream course, Journalism. This means new classmates, new subjects, a new environment, and a new campus. I feel lonely and frustrated sometimes, but all’s well. Just this month, I’ve been questioning my desire to carry on with this course. I chose to push through because I know that this is what I want. I know that this is what I should be doing. My getting in Journ is probably one of the rare occasions when everything went right.

So was it a great year? I am not so sure. This year was a mosh pit of emotions and shit.

1. Getting in Journ and moving to QC (duh) – everything stems from here: campus, dorm, subjects, orgs, profs, classmates, lantern parades, oblation runs….

2. Getting my first ever DSLR camera

3. My first non-mall concert (Bazooka Rocks)

4. First time commuting around (and getting lost in) Metro Manila by myself, and with peers as well

5.  Meeting *him*

6. Taking care of a really old person

7. Rediscovering my awesome taste in music and clothing (but only in my opinion)

8. I have no effing idea what else

I hope that in 2013, my highlights will be more than eight (seven, actually). This time, I won’t be expecting too much. After 18 years, I have learned to stop making ridiculous expectations because nothing will happen anyway.

So, I’m now ready for another boring New Year’s Eve spent in a certain massive mall in Asia along with hundreds of other families. In my parents’ car. Listening to my hipster songs. Watching fireworks and shit. Happy New Year.