UPCAT 2013: Revisiting my own “wow I passed the UPCAT” experience

Posted on February 2, 2013


upcatThe results release was seriously anti-climactic. I just wrote a blog post earlier re: my hopelessly lonely life and then BAM, the news about the UPCAT results went kapow all over the cyberworld. I wanted to write about the whole UPCAT results thingy right after the release, preferably not drained from writing another blog post.

But oh well. First of all, let me congratulate all UPCAT passers! I am looking forward to sharing hell with you guys.

I hope you consider UP because trust me, this is where you will really know the value of work. Your work, your parents’ work, work. You will work your ass off in academics and get nothing. It will happen. You will also work your ass off in academics and get a ONE, the Excalibur out of the stone. You will realize that every cent of your parents’ money, every cent from a part of your countrymen’s taxes will be worth it, because here you will know QUALITY education.  Here you will learn stuff out of great books, great professors, and great students. You will learn how to fight in life. UP is a total package – quality education, great student activity, and a considerably inexpensive (at least compared to other quality universities) tuition. You will learn the best from so little. You will experience student life at its best and worst. Just don’t ask about our basketball team.

Your Form 5 is your ticket to hell. You will get lost in your campus. You will go to class without taking a bath because you woke up late from last night’s project-making/studying/partying. You will desperately go to school for an exam in the middle of a tropical storm. You will got to class in your “pambahay” look and no one would care. You will choose a PE and have no idea how to be good at it. You might choose Ballroom Dancing or Duckpin Bowling or Walking. Yes, Walking. You will enroll in NSTP and not enjoy it. Or you may. I don’t know. You will see a bunch of naked running dudes with masks.

You will find crushes and stalk the hell out of them. You will find “sparks”. You will cram final papers on the day it is due. You might fail subjects, or drop them. You will find lifelong friends.

You might move into a dorm. You will appreciate your roommates, or condemn them like the spawn of Satan. You will dislike your landlord/lady or treat them like a mom. You will learn what a “one month advance” is.

You will learn how to sympathize with the oppressed members of Filipino society. You will have the urge to throw stuff at corrupt politicians, cheating public officials, nature-raping capitalists, and soap opera writers who won’t even bother to fact-check. You will learn about Karl Marx.

You will learn. You will learn a lot. You will learn how to pray. You will learn not to pray.

People will expect great things from you because you’re in UP. That’s both a blessing and a curse. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOK STUPID. Your family, your university, your countrymen – you owe them all. You owe them the great person you can be. Be responsible.

Three years ago, I saw my fate. I passed. UP Baguio. I was stunned, because I never expected to pass AT ALL. But I did.

Then I moved to UP Diliman, pursuing the course I just know is for me. To all those who didn’t pass but has this burning desire to be in UP, I empathize. I know what it’s like to not get the dream at first try. I know how that feel, bro.

To you guys, I say: don’t give up. Chances are there to those who deserve it. Just be grade conscious because competition is everywhere. Just keep pushing. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

You may also like it better in your other choice university. You may be just forced to take the UPCAT. You may be just fine for not passing the UPCAT. We all have our preferences, and it’s ONLY YOU who can dictate which university you should go to. We are not defined by our universities. Some guy once said that we should not let our schooling interfere with our education. I think it was Mark Twain.

Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.

– Mark Twain

Once again, congratulations to all UPCAT passers! I used to be one of you. Some girl thinking she was such a big shot for being accepted in a school filled with brilliant students. Now I’m here feeling dumb as hell and more than eager to get the hell out.

Again, congratulations! Hope you choose hell. 🙂