The long overdue missed connections post

Posted on February 18, 2013



I say long overdue because I was supposed to post this on Valentine’s Day. Strike One on timeliness. Anyway, I decided to work on this post now because I am bored and I don’t want to read any of my readings yet. My brain just keeps shutting down for some reason. Things have been too stressful lately and I guess I could use a nice dose of blogging to get my mind off things.

Actually, I am kind of glad that I wasn’t able to write this on Valentine’s Day. If I did, I would gain another reason to be sarcastic about my life which is as enjoyable as gaining weight. If I did, Life would be telling me, “Sparks! Almost ther-LOL nope. Let’s look at all those happy couples to make you even more sorry about your close-enough encounter with The Possible One “.

Just imagine, a “could he be..?” moment snatched from your fingertips. We can definitely count on missed connections and pop culture to feed the hunger of the lonely human soul.

Thinking about my missed connections have made me calmer, for some reason. So I guess this is a self-therapy of sorts. So here, inhabitants of the universe, my missed connections post.

missed connection is an occurrence where two or more people are unable to exchange contact information or the information that is exchanged is lost. These missed connections are generally associated with romance, but they may also be business-related or otherwise. Through the use of publications and websites some people seek to reconnect with their missed connection.

Source: Wikipedia Almighty

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I have always been a firm disbeliever of straight-out-of-a-Hollywood-film chance meetings. If I ever encounter one of those, they’d be on the news. Then I’d doubt their authenticity. I don’t know, I’ve never really known any couple who instantly fell in love with each other on first sight because they happen to accidentally sit across each other on the same coffee shop. I just don’t. I have learned recently about a boy and a girl who met via chair (they’re from UP), but other than that? Not really. Maybe I just needed to expand my network.

From this school year, I can remember experiencing about four missed connections. I can remember one in my freshman year. I can also remember another one when I was in elementary. Yes, elementary. I can still remember that. I’m not even that sure if the feeling is mutual, or if this is just desperate-stalker me talking here. I’m willing to take my chances.

I will state these missed connections in chronological order.

1. Elementary. I was in some mall in Metro Manila, the name of which I cannot remember. Megamall, maybe? I was at a music store (Odyssey, I think) with my younger cousin. I was listening to a Muse record. I think “Starlight” was playing. You were right across from us, and I could tell that you were older than me. We were both wearing white shirts. Mine had a pink/purple flower motif around the neckline.  You were also listening to a record. You kept looking at us. The record store was large, but you still kept looking towards us. Why? There was something about your eyes. Then my cousin and I were being called out by my mom or aunt. We went and I never looked back.

2. Fast forward! Freshman year of college. I first tried out Omegle. After a few rude encounters, I chanced upon a fellow Filipino. You were 23, I was 17. I told you I was 19 (so badass). I gave you a fake name. You told me you were a football player. I was a bit skeptical, but it seems legit since it looks like you knew what you were talking about. I think we talked about Man U and West Ham, I don’t remember well.  You called my dad cool for being a football fan. You were familiar with my school. You even asked for my number and Facebook. I lied about those. You were the first to disconnect. I still wonder what might have happened if I did things differently. I still wonder if I have sat beside you in the bus, the MRT, the jeepney, the tricycle, anywhere. I still wonder if I have lined up behind you in McDonald’s. I still wonder if you remember me. I still wonder if in the urban jungle that is Metro Manila, we have already met but didn’t know it.

3. Junior year. We have landed on the same bus trip about twice. Friday nights, I remember. You liked playing with your PSP, I found that adorable. I assume you were older, as you had on a corporate attire. But who knows, right? I once sat beside you. That other time you were one seat away from me. Once in a while we’d accidentally look at each other and I’d look away. I have issues with eye contact. You live one stop before my subdivision. I don’t see you anymore. I remember you looked like Aladdin.

4. Junior year still. Habagat season. I was on my way to the Cinemalaya Goes to UP thing at the Cine Adarna. I don’t remember if I was supposed to watch Oros or MNL 143. All I can remember is that I was required to watch, and I already have a ticket. I was on the verge of not going but then I realized that I don’t want to waste 80 (or 100?) pesos for a small piece of paper. So I braved the great outdoors. I was on my way to the tricycle terminal when whoosh! Buckets of rain fell from the heavens. I went to the nearest waiting shed-slash-computer shop. You were there, bespectacled. I guess you were just as trapped as I was. I could remember small talk. Then your friend came, and I was left alone.

5. That time I tripped and fell on the concrete somewhere near the Bahay Ng Alumni. You laughed at me, then helped me up. I ran away. You were cute.

6. Feb 10, 2013. Sunday. I was supposed to cover the UP vs FEU football thingy along with my photojournalism classmates. The match was in ADMU’s football field, the one across Shakey’s. I was waiting for my friend at McDo Katipunan. I went to order my food, you were two lines away from me. You were wearing a black shirt. I was looking around for my friend, then I accidentally looked at you. You looked back. Of course, I looked away. Realizing that you were sort of cute, I stole another glance. Well dammit, you were still looking. I decided to hide behind the person beside me because..reasons. Thanks to my peripheral vision, I can see that you kept looking over. What the hell, dude. Then you went up to the counter and got your food. Take out. I sighed a little. I still can’t forget the fact that you were looking, no, staring at me during our brief encounter. My mind ran with these possibilities:

  • I looked like someone you know
  • You were looking at the girls beside me
  • I was unconsciously staring at people
  • I looked strange

I am seriously considering the last option. Maybe I looked so out of place with the Katipunan crowd, eh?

I was the girl with the lavender shirt and too-big blue backpack, by the way. You were also probably the reason why I’ve been playing this song all week. That song was playing on my commute to Katips that Sunday. I think it would be nice hanging around the Katips area once in a while.

Now for the burning question: will there be a chance of ever meeting again? Or is this a one-shot thing, like perpendicular lines doomed to meet once but never again? Is my geometry right?

I think of myself as a closeted romantic. I am quite sarcastic when it comes to romance and happy endings. What people don’t know is that I still believe in chance meetings and fate, and I’d turn into a pile of mush if anything short of romantic actually happened to me. I’m still hoping when I walk past street corners and grocery stores. Maybe, just maybe.

Hey, person-reading-this-right-now, please tell me if you know anyone with success stories. I don’t want to give up on the whole missed connections fiasco just yet. Call it illogical. Call it fantasy. Call it love.  But hey, everybody’s gotta learn sometimes.

I’d also love to know you, black-shirt guy.