Untitled class article about my hardcore intense procrastination

Posted on April 7, 2013



It was always a hard task to wake up in the morning. But this morning was different; it was one of those mornings when I’d rather stay in the comfort of my bed than face the tragedy that is bound to happen later.

The deadline for my group’s Broadcast Communication 101 feature video is today, and it’s barely been edited yet. It was my entire fault. It was a case of extreme procrastination, a student’s nightmare. I just came from a three-day field trip in Political Science 14 where we went to the Malcanang Palace, the House of Representatives, COMELEC, and Corregidor. The deadline for my group’s project is on the day of my return. Since I had the responsibility of editing our unfinished video, there was no room for me to enjoy the sights and sounds during the trip. I devoted my “free” times during the trip to shooting two scenes and downloading a good video editor. Those “free” times were at night in my room at the Makati Palace Hotel and in the bus seat on the way to the House of Representatives. I and a groupmate shot the scenes in Corregidor, among towering mountains and the vast South China Sea. The downloading of the video editor posed as a problem, though: the Internet connection was hellishly slow during those three days, and I ended up editing with the classic Windows Movie Maker instead. This was my most tiring field trip to date, and it was a small price to pay for my procrastination.  So upon my return, I just could not help but sleep for a few minutes. Big mistake. I ended up waking 30 minutes before the deadline, with only five minutes left for editing. I had to run up and down the slopes of our boarding house all the way to our classroom, laptop in tow. Happy ending? Sure, if a passing grade of 3.0 would be considered a victory. In my case, I was contented.