Untitled class article about my pet dog

Posted on April 7, 2013



My pet dog, a Labrador, is heavy and big.

He has floppy ears, gentle eyes, and yellowish-white fur which he scatters all over the place.  He rarely barks, and if he does, he barks very loud. He has a friendly face which makes him unsuitable as a guard dog, because he does not look intimidating at all.

It’s as if everybody is his owner. A lot of people find my dog charming. He does not like taking baths, making it a very smelly dog most of the time. He does not like water, though he likes anything cold. He is a very strange dog.

I also have a pet goldfish. She has a shimmering gold color and eyes that remind me of googly eyes. She must like the water, taking into consideration its nature as a fish. Like my dog, she only goes around the space allotted for it. Except that my dog is a little bit more free, because I take him for walks. If I think that the fish needs to see more of the world, I would take her for a walk. But it would just look ridiculous to walk around with a goldfish in a bowl. Walking around with a dog in a leash is much more conventional.

Unlike my dog, it doesn’t do anything all day except swim from one corner of the aquarium to the other. My dog runs around, sleeps, sits, barks, and eats. Mostly he eats. I think eating is his one passion in life.  My goldfish does not make any sound. The most one can do with the fish is watch it swim and do nothing all day.

If I were to be reincarnated into an animal, I would not want to be someone’s pet fish. It is horrible to do nothing in someone’s poor excuse of a fish’s natural habitat and be stared at by people all day. I would rather run around and be a dog.

Dogs are so easy to love because one can be sure that he is loved back. I don’t even know if my goldfish is happy or sad. But I don’t hate my pet goldfish. I like its company sometimes, when I’m feeling solitary or when I’m busy with something. It also gives me something to look at when my mind is going blank. My dog just slobbers all over me even when I’m busy.