Internship update

Posted on May 6, 2013


I edit truckloads of pictures for

Yep. I guess that comprises about 80% of my summer internship at Summit Media. It was the same old routine magazine stuff. In my case, website magazine stuff. Get pictures from the database, edit using Photoshop, upload. I do the occasional research and filler writing, but mostly I have to deal with pictures that have to fit in with the website’s layout.

In all honesty, it can get sort of boring. I browse through Facebook and see my classmates’ internships and they look B-U-S-Y and haggard as hell. I bet it would still be like that even if it wasn’t election season, and we all know that election season means media circus.

I was living an office girl’s life for the summer. I didn’t mind. I guess that even if this internship wasn’t required, I would still take it.

Summit’s HR assistant toured me and two of my fellow Summit interns around.  They were also from Journ and I know them already. They were for

I. LOVED. THE. PLACE. It smelled so nice – like the pages of new glossy magazines and new clothes. It was also cold, although it was colder at my present desk. The cubicles were nice. The desks were nice. The people dressed nice. It had a nice library and a nice pantry. The place is so cool! I was so excited to work here, and I could just imagine myself working here in the future.

So anyway, I was taken to the 6th floor to meet my supervisor. I thought I was going to stay there. Then, they gave me a desk at the 7th floor. I don’t really understand why I have to be around the IT people. Turns out, that was the Summit Digital area with the and everything.

One time I found some other guy sitting on my supposed desk, then it was nowhere for me. Maybe that’s why they moved me.

So it was back to the 6th floor. At first I didn’t want to leave because I had a hell of a desk. It was so wide and comfy, I could put so much stuff there. I thought 7th floor was where it’s at – the two co-interns I already knew were there, Candy magazine was there, I think Style Bible was also there. What can I say, it’s the illusion of greatness rubbing off on me if I worked at the same floor with these cool magazines. Weird, I know.

I have already gotten used to the area and the other Summit employees and us not bothering each other. Haha. Actually most of them were kind of close. Yay for me.

But lo and behold, silver lining alert: my new desk had a view! My other desk at the 6th floor had nada – just rows and rows of cubicles. I couldn’t take a picture because, hello, how weird would that be if some OJT just barged in and started taking pictures. Oh well.

Cityscape – the kind of view I imagined I would have from my desk once I joined the workforce. And even better, the guys from my “neighbor” cubicle were my classmates! They were for Men’s Health, and there were also two from Esquire at the same floor! I guess we have gotten kind of close this summer. I guess.

So that’s pretty much it. Weeks of editing, kind-of writing, answering e-mails, researching and uploading. I was able to utilize my skills in photojournalism as well as basic editing and layouting. My Photoshop skills got better. It was worth it, I guess.