I wish I wasn’t such a romantic

Posted on August 5, 2013


downloadIt’s kind of disappointing when your life isn’t comparable to those of Molly Ringwald’s teenage characters by the time you reach 19.

Blame it on countless nights of chick flicks, playlists on repeat, and junk food. Blame it on the glamorous lives of twenty-something Disney starlets. Blame it on Tumblr where your feels = feelsx900000. Blame it on Facebook where you are constantly reminded that your classmates’ lives are definitely better than yours.

I was sixteen when I first heard that Metro Station song “Seventeen Forever”. I was like, “Oh, maybe next year I’ll experience stuff like these. God, I’m so excited!” Three years later, I’m like, “WTF. Hey you, boy, come fall in love with me nao I’m desperate lolz”

In the movie “Angus, Things, and Perfect Snogging”, these British kids snog each other at fourteen. FOURTEEN. I was still too busy deciding whether or not to get bangs at that age. I don’t think I’ve even discovered attractive qualities in boys back then.

And don’t get me started about Skins.

These kids have fantastic love lives, awesome adventures in places I’ve only dreamt about, great friends who are their absolute fit, basically everything right happens to them and they’re still in their uniforms. If my entire school life were videotaped, Paranormal Activity would have more activity by comparison. It’s kind of depressing, but that won’t stop me from still hoping for something remotely exciting at my final year at school.

I know, these kids’ life stories are products of show writers and directors on caffeine and unfulfilled desires. But still. You take one relatable character and mix them up in the perfect plot and you end questioning your life. John Green characters, for example. From the John Green books I’ve read, I found some sort of common denominator with his protagonists: cool losers who don’t do well in the social arena. Then they get into life-changing situations with a hot boy toy/girlaloo in tow. BAM. What a goody bag. There’s the moral lesson achieved and the arm candy. They got it all. Hooray. Then you go all, I’m just like them so why the hell can’t that happen to me?

Now let’s get back to real life. There’s Facebook – the root of all evil. You see pictures of…pretty much people you know whose lives are a hundred times better than yours. I feel really pressured when I see posts of people who suddenly become gorgeous or people who suddenly get a boyfriend when you know them to be…the kind of people who are not the type to go into the boyfriend-girlfriend route. Or people who suddenly become popular in college. Or people who are definitely in the running for Latin honors. Or people.  I’m just gonna lurk somewhere and be the freak that I am while you enjoy your lives please.

Call it shallow but yes, I am insecure. I just think that now that I’m done with high school, can’t college be a bit more redeeming? But such is not the case. It’s my final year and nothing that much life-changing and exciting has happened. Yet. I’m still hoping.

It’s my final year and still no driving at night, running away with the possible soulmate, that sort of crap. Still no suddenly-attractive moment. Still no spontaneous musical number.

I’d wish for Steven Moffatt to take charge, but even I’m not that desperate.

Daleks would be cool, though.