A day in my college life (so far)

Posted on September 12, 2013



These days I’ve been slightly happier than I was before. This means a startling everyday mood shift from 😦 to 😐

I usually don’t sleep until 4 in the morning so my 7 AMs are usually filled with tiredness and gratitude over the fact that at least I did not die sleeping.

It usually takes me about an hour to do the shit I need to do – majority of that one hour is devoted to choosing clothing. Getting ready for school always slows me down.

If I am not rushing to the nearest computer shop to get my papers printed, I “rush” off to school. By rushing I mean 90% walking. My university is a very walker-friendly place. And by walking I mean “park filled with roses and butterflies” kind of walking. You get the idea. Yes, I’m pretty slow.

I sit through lectures and blah blah. I go eat food with my blocmate who happens to be my classmate in almost every single class since transferring here. We’ve been like that since day one of UPD transfer, but these days I’ve been pretty reclusive. I’m like that with everybody now, for some reason.

On free cuts, if I’m not with my other friend, I go on being the weird recluse that I am. My usual activities include soul-searching and people watching and shit at either crowded places like the famous university lobby or at various libraries in its proximity. Or at my home college library. I don’t usually tambay at my home college because I think it’s too small and there are too many people there that I don’t feel like talking to.

Basically my home college doesn’t feel like the place for just sitting and stuff. It’s probably the least relaxing place I know.

Whenever I pass by it, I glance at the tambayan of some org I was supposed to apply for. I have no idea how it’s gonna work for me. And besides, I don’t know what the hell am I supposed to do with my app process so yeah. Que sera sera.

Ah, organizations. Belonging in at least one means you are accepted into the university society. At least for me, and I have only been here for a year so I don’t know a lot of people. If I’d been here since freshman year, I’d probably be comfortable with being orgless.

Edit: now that I have my first college-based Diliman org, I feel a bit assured that I am at least making an effort to “maximize my potential” during my short but sweet stay in the university.

At least I want it to be short and sweet. PLEASE be short and sweet.

The object of my affections is not a member of the male species but rather my mother-effing undergraduate thesis. So if you’re looking for a super romantic aspect of my everyday life to compensate for my stoicism and utter lack of fun, I am sorry to disappoint you. My life has to revolve around this annoying academic requirement for a while so my super colorful romantic life has to be put on hold. Sorry guys.

So aside from soul-searching everywhere and generally wanderlusting, I go library-hopping on my free time/after classes because I don’t understand shit about my thesis and I am DESPERATELY hoping for my topic to be approved. It’s confusing, I know. How can I be desperate for topic approval when I don’t understand my own thesis topic? You see, my thesis proposal professor who is an EXPERT in all ways possible suggested my current topic to me and it was basically approved by the faculty panel so I decided to push through with it. I had my doubts, but pushing for an alternative seems like a hassle so what the hell.

I borrow a maximum of five books every two weeks and I photocopy them because…I don’t know. Paranoid-OC me is sorta sure that it’s the right thing to do. Hopefully this will lead me to an accepting thesis adviser who will welcome me with open arms.

So there you go, a brief account of the everyday rituals of some weird, introverted college girl. I think it’ll only be a matter of time before I’ll go all-out Luna Lovegood walking around campus barefoot catching wrackspurts and stuff. Yeah that’ll be cool. Lovely.