This is a Cassie Ainsworth appreciation post (with some spoilers)

Posted on October 14, 2013



Wow, lovely.

Let me tell you a bit about Cassie Ainsworth. I’m not gonna research further, this is all from memory because #tamad.

The first ever episode of Skins that I saw was the one where Effy gets drugged and Sid kisses Cassie. I instantly felt drawn to Miss Ainsworth. That hair, those clothes. It’s quirky but appealing. It’s cute when she looks lost and just goes into that “fuck it I’m gonna have a smoke” mood out in the street. She’s the kind of loony girl I like.

Cassie came from a highly dysfunctional family. Her parents were sex maniacs who just couldn’t resist doing it every single minute. It’s pretty terrible especially since she has a baby brother. She almost would’ve been an only child, like me.

Cassie is an anorexic drug addict and sometimes she can be pretty disturbing. She isn’t allowed to be alone around knives and she has some pretty impressive arranging skills (food on the plate, canned goods in the pantry, etc.). She came from some sort of rehab but she keeps telling people that she’s “totally better”.

She gets pretty annoying, bitter and childish in Season 2 after finding out that *spoiler* Sid and Michelle were doing it. But she still looks pretty nonetheless. My favorite episode then was the one in New York, the one where she ran away after *spoiler* Chris died. It was a pretty dick move to just leave, though. This episode shows Cassie at her most vulnerable. It’s that feeling of being alone in a foreign place with no one to be with and nowhere to go. Have you ever felt like dropping everything and going someplace where no one knows you? I do, everyday. If I had the money, I would do what Cassie did and start over in New York. It would be nice to just take a break and rebuild myself someplace. Someplace far, far away from the things that haunt me.

I think what’s attractive about Cassie is the way she sees the world. She’s just so dreamy and lost-looking. Cassie is us when we’re walking home alone at night after a big, absolutely-no-parents-allowed party. Those are the times that are perfect for just thinking about life. I think the scenes where Cassie is just spacing out, being her lost-looking self were the loveliest. I think it’s her relatable vulnerability that is the most attractive. I would love to recreate that “dancing on the bench while listening to music” scene, if I wouldn’t look crazy.

She’s mental, yes, but she really does say the truth. She’s coping with an addiction that is destroying her life. It hurts because the people who care about her get affected.

Cassie liked Sid because he made her feel less alone. He made her feel like for once in her life, somebody actually cared.  She may have just assumed reciprocated feelings at first, but in the end he fell for her. She liked Sid, her “funny-looking” Sid for who he is. I loved their story and I think Sid is an idiot for not realizing at first what he had in front of his eyes. I think it’s just so damn romantic how Sid realizes that he loves Cassie. That hand-holding scene? Just…asdfghjkl

Cassie is the depiction of the pure-hearted youth destroyed by addiction and love. She is us when we’re lost and vulnerable, when we just feel like the best thing to do at the moment is to walk the streets at night pondering on how hopeless and pathetic our situation is.

Cassie is a bittersweet delirium. She’s not trying to be the hero in all this, she’s more of the “corrupted princess” type. I do wish she had a bit more fire in her like Michelle, but that’s just Cassie. Insane, beautiful, lost Cassie.