Emo playlist pt. 1 (33 songs)

Posted on December 26, 2013



A bunch of predictable songs for the broody, introspective tortured soul wallowing in loneliness and cynicism. Some melodies compiled for when you’re feeling those Catcher in the Rye moments of alienation. Best served in cold weather.

1. “It’s all over” – The Broken Family Band

Huhu lyrics:

I could hold your beautiful hands 
And kiss your beautiful eyelids 
Throw open your beautiful doors 
And phone your beautiful friends 

But it’s all over 
It’s all over 

Yeah the video’s also a tearjerker

2. “Please please please let me get what I want” – The Smiths

Two words: The Smiths.

Huhu lyrics: see, the entire song is just sad

Good times for a change
See, the luck I’ve had
Can make a good man
Turn bad

So please please please
Let me, let me, let me
Let me get what I want
This time

Haven’t had a dream in a long time
See, the life I’ve had
Can make a good man bad

So for once in my life
Let me get what I want
Lord knows, it would be the first time
Lord knows, it would be the first time

I need a hug.

3. “Where is my mind” – The Pixies

Huhu lyrics:

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there’s nothing in it
And you’ll ask yourself

Where is my mind

Ok I’m pretty sure that’s something symbolic

4. “Creep” – Radiohead


Huhu lyrics:

I don’t care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul

I want you to notice
When I’m not around
You’re so ****in’ special
I wish I was special

But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.

Just…ugh way too many teenage feels right here I’m gonna go cry in a corner ok

5. “No Surprises” – Radiohead

Huhu lyrics:

A heart that’s full up like a landfill
A job that slowly kills you
Bruises that won’t heal

You look so tired and unhappy
Bring down the government
They don’t, they don’t speak for us
I’ll take a quiet life
A handshake of carbon monoxide

No alarms and no surprises


6. “Fake Plastic Trees” – Radiohead

Also this blog’s inspiration yaaaaaay

Huhu lyrics:

But I can’t help the feeling
I could blow through the ceiling
If I just turn and run

It wears me out, it wears me out

7. “High and Dry” – Radiohead


Huhu lyrics:

You’d kill yourself for recognition, kill yourself to never ever stop
You broke another mirror, you’re turning into something you are not

So. Much. Memories.

8. “Dosed” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Huhu lyrics:

I got dosed by you and,
Closer than most to you and,
What am I supposed to do,
Take it away,
I never had it anyway,
Take it away,
And everything will be okay.

9. “Masilungan” – Sandwich

Huhu lyrics:

Bakit ‘di mo pinaglaban, mga munting alaala?

Lahat tayo’y mababasa, ‘pag ang langit ay biglang lumuha

10. “Maybe” – Sandwich

Huhu lyrics:

Walking on I went to find
State of love and peace of mind
Wishing that maybe 

Maybe you’’re the one who knows
Lost in fields of tears and hopes
Wishing that maybe 

Why don’t we fly away
Why don’t we fly today 

11. “Nagsasawa ka na ba?” – Eggboy

Huhu lyrics:

Nagsasawa ka na ba sa araw-araw? 
Kasi kung gusto mo na, ayaw nang ipilit pa. 
Nasasakal ka na ba sa paghanap ko sa yo? 
Kasi sabihin mo na, ayaw nang umasa pa. 
Kayang-kaya, walang abala. 
Nagsasawa ka na ba sa araw-araw? 
Sige ayos lang, sana wala kang iba.

12. “Warning sign” – Coldplay

Huhu lyrics:

When the truth is, 
I miss you.
Yeah the truth is, 
That I miss you so.

And I’m tired, 
I should not have let you go.

So I crawl back into your open arms.
Yes, I crawl back into your open arms.

13. “I miss you” – Incubus

Huhu lyrics: everything

To see you when I wake up, is a gift I didn’t think could be real 
To know that you feel the same, as I do, is a three-fold Utopian dream 
You do something to me 
That I can’t explain 
So would I be out of line, If I said 
I miss you. 
I see your picture, I smell your skin on, the empty pillow next to mine 
You have only been gone ten days, but already I am wasting away 
I know I’ll see you again 
Whether far or soon 
But I need you to know, that I care 
And I miss you

14. “Blackbird” – The Beatles

Huhu lyrics:

Black bird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

15. “Asleep at the trigger” – Autolux

Someone is clearly a Skins fan.

Huhu lyrics:

You’re dressed up
Look what you’ve said
But left your insides at home
Hit me with your smile again
Hit me with your smile again

Disappear beneath the day
Oh no its still the same
You make it hard to breathe
You make it hard to breathe

You miss everything that’s in your way
You miss everything that’s good for you
It kinda gets me down
It kinda gets me down

16. “What’s your poison?” – Chicosci

Huhu lyrics:

Shut your eyes
The bridges are crumbling
And I’m seeing the signs
Devotion is fading

Here we lie
The nightmares are coming
So long goodbye
We’re moving on 

17. “Little Motel” – Modest Mouse 

Huhu lyrics:

I hope that you like it in your little motel 
And I hope that the suite sleeps and suits you well
Well I can see it as time and a sight through smell and
That’s why it’s nice to be by yourself

18. “Dramamine” – Modest Mouse

Huhu lyrics:

I’ve said what I’d said and you know what I mean
But I still can’t focus on anything

19. “Marching bands of Manhattan” – Death Cab For Cutie

Huhu lyrics:

I wish we could open our eyes
To see in all directions at the same time
Oh, what a beautiful view
If you were never aware of what was around you
And it is true what you say
That I live like a hermit in my own head
But when the sun shines again
I’ll pull the curtains and blinds to let the light in

Sorrow drips into your heart
Through a pinhole
Just like a faucet that leaks 
And there is comfort in the sound

20. “Scientist studies” – Death Cab For Cutie

Huhu lyrics:

I may have got an invitation, but I wasn’t invited.
But I thought that this meant
something more than broken hearts and new addictions.
We’ll leave our sins within the carpet twine.
Our bodies will dissolve the chemicals in due time.


21. “Tiny Vessels” – Death Cab For Cutie

Huhu lyrics:

All I see are dark Grey clouds
In the distance moving closer with every hour
So when you ask “Is something wrong?”
I think “You’re damn right there is but we can’t talk about it now.
No, we can’t talk about it now.”

So one last touch and then you’ll go
And we’ll pretend that it meant something so much more
But it was vile, and it was cheap
and you are beautiful but you don’t mean a thing to me
yeah you are beautiful but you don’t mean a thing to me

22. “This day” – The Sleepy Jackson

Huhu lyrics:

I said I don’t know how to live my life
The sun comes up in the morning and away tonight
And I’ve got the one, the only one I know

23. “Amsterdam” – Coldplay

Huhu lyrics:

Stuck on the end of this ball and chain
And I’m on my way back down again
Stood on a bridge, tied to the noose
Sick to the stomach
You can say what you mean
But it won’t change a thing
I’m sick of the secrets
Stood on the edge, tied to a noose
You came along and you cut me loose

25. “Teen idle” – Marina and the Diamonds

Huhu lyrics:

I wish I wasn’t such a narcissist
I wish I didn’t really kiss the mirror
When I’m on my own
Oh god! I’m gonna die alone
Adolescence didn’t make sense
A little loss of innocence
The ugly years of being a fool
Ain’t youth meant to be beautiful?

26. “Valley of the dolls” – Marina and the Diamonds

Huhu lyrics:

Born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope
Built with a heart, broken from the start
And now I die slow

27. “State of dreaming” – Marina and the Diamonds”

Huhu lyrics:

All I really want is to be wonderful
People in this town they, they can be so cruel
I live my life inside a dream,
Only waking when I sleep
If I could sell my sorry soul, 
I would have it all

My life is a play, is a play, is a play
My life is a play, is a play, is a play
Yeah we’re living in the state of dreaming
Living in a make-believe land
Living in the state of dreaming, 
Of dreaming, 
Of dreaming

If only you knew my dear,
How I live my life in fear
If only you knew my dear,
How I know my time is near

28. “Gimme sympathy” – Metric

Huhu lyrics:

Got no time to take a picture
I’ll remember someday
All the chances we took
We’re so close to something
Better left unknown
I can feel it in my bones

29. “Blindness” – Metric

Huhu lyrics:

What it is and where it stops nobody knows
You gave me a life I never chose
I wanna leave but the world won’t let me go
Wanna leave but the world won’t let me go

30. “Be the One” – The Ting Tings

Huhu lyrics:

So make sure you’re thinking it through,
You’ve let me down again
Offer me something I know you really meant

‘Cos I don’t wanna be the one,
Only overjoyed
I don’t wanna be the one,
Making all the noise
Yeah, I don’t wanna be the one, hey

31. “Dying” – Hole

Huhu lyrics:

And now I understand
You leave with everything
You leave with everything I am

And now I know that love is dead
You’ve come to bury me
There’s nothing left here to pretend

32. “Sparks” – Coldplay

Huhu lyrics:

Did I drive you away?
I know what you’ll say,
You’ll say ‘Oh, sing one you know,
But I promise you this,
I’ll always look out for you,
Yea that’s what I’ll do

33. “Blue light” – Bloc Party

Huhu lyrics:

And you didn’t even notice
When the sky turned blue
And you couldn’t tell the difference
Between me and you
And I nearly didn’t notice
The gentlest feelingYou are the bluest light