Ten things to look forward to in 2014

Posted on December 31, 2013



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For future reference in case my year starts to suck again.

1. Possible opportunity to study abroad after graduation

My tita is planning to take me in for a study abroad thing after I graduate, and I can’t wait to see freezing Canada with all its lakes and mountains. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Hey British Columbia, wait for me. Just let me get through everything that sucks for now. I still can’t believe that I’m months away from this dream. I hope it will come true.

2. Graduation 2014

Just thinking that it’s THREE FCKING MONTHS AWAY makes me so giddy. It makes me wanna push through this thesis that I’ve been procrastinating all throughout this Christmas break. I will finish this by April, I swear I will. I can’t wait to wear my sablay with pride. Sometimes when I feel tired and lazy I just look at my studio grad pictures and I get going. It works wonders, it really does.

3. I’m turning two decades old this year

Well hello, twenties. Turning twenty makes me feel so damn excited, but anxious at the same time. This means I’m about to leave my teenage life, my childhood. All those “immature” things that I do need to be left to nostalgia. As difficult it is for me to let go, I have to. This is the year of new beginnings.

4. I will actually get a job

And not just some internship where I run errands and Photoshop hi-res pictures. I mean an actual, life-defining job. Okay, maybe I’ll first get into the working-student thing if I do get to study abroad, but I’ll still get a job. The point is I’m actually going to earn money to support myself. For the first time.

5. My parents have finally decided to sell this crappy house in this crappy neighborhood

I just wish they did that sooner, during my formative years or something. Maybe then growing up wouldn’t suck so much. I just can’t wait to see the new house and the new neighborhood.

6. Travel, travel, travel!

I really can’t wait to see Dubai again. I wanna tour around Asia, Europe, wherever! I am so getting this passport renewed when I’m not so busy anymore. Haha.

7. That INC 100 years thing

Heard it’s gonna be big. I’m not the religious type, but I’m kind of curious as to what will happen then…

8. I will finally have the time to check out all the books I’ve always wanted to read

So many books, so much time! I really miss reading for pleasure. I need a delightful break from God knows how many years of stressful, academics-related reading.

9. Lovelife 

Maybe. JUST MAYBE. Come on, 2014.

10. The overall opportunity to start over

I desperately need a reset button. This year, I hope to let go of everything that hurts and make room for the things that will be good for me. Last year, I got a new hairstyle. That’s one step. This year, I’m gonna start everything over – my body, my clothes, my look, my master plan…everything. This is the year of new beginnings. The year of letting go. The year of restart. Hello 2014, I can’t wait to make you happen.