Reasons to stay alive

Posted on August 29, 2015


As everyday I become even more depressed, I decided to make a list of why it’s better than staying six feet under the ground or something. Even though it feels like that would be the best place to be right now.

  1. Funeral services are expensive and I don’t want to give my parents more things to worry about, with the house to take care of and all.
  2. I don’t know the best way to kill myself. I don’t know what method would not make me look like Frankenstein’s bride or something when they find my body.
  3. There are still A LOT of fantastic books I haven’t read yet.
  4. There are a lot of new music out there to discover.
  5.  I haven’t even been to a music festival yet. Glastonbury/Coachella/whatever is still waiting for me.
  6. I haven’t seen London, Paris, or the entirety of Europe yet. There is so much to discover in the world.
  7. I’m still waiting for Halley’s Comet. Or any fantastic astronomical phenomenon.
  8. My dogs will miss me, probably.
  9. My cousin needs me.
  10. I still have the option of running away.
  11. I would still want to achieve something worth telling about in a suicide note.
  12. There are so many movies I haven’t seen yet.
  13. I haven’t seen the new Star Wars yet, so if I killed myself I wouldn’t get the chance to see for myself if it was good or nah.
  14. There are a lot of TV shows I haven’t seen the end of yet.
  15. The notion of a big, black nothing still kind of scares me.
  16. I would still want to see my hard-earned savings bear fruit.
  17. There would be no one to sass my parents out. Only I can. For all I know, they would be all cuckoo without me.
  18. I haven’t even lived in our new house yet.
  19. I still want my MA in literature.
  20. I want to believe I’m strong enough not to take the easy way out.
  21. I promised someone I wouldn’t kill myself.
  22. I still want to know what it would be like to have a kid, I guess.
  23. I still don’t know how they will end that AlDub fiasco.
  24. There are a lot of pretty clothes I am yet to wear.
  25. I haven’t done any once-in-a-lifetime stuff yet, like bungee-jump or skydive or something.
  26. I guess I still want to be a cool grandma.
  27. I’m too lazy to write a will.
  28. If I’m going to hell, hell probably wouldn’t stand me.
  29. There are people begging for more time to be alive.
  30. I still want to know that some things are worth believing in.