This is how I give up on people

Posted on August 30, 2015



And I don’t do that easily.

We all have those people we thought we could believe in.

At first, you thought they were different.

Not like the rest.

They filled you with hope.

They made you feel like, for once, something was right in the world.

But sometimes it’s time to let go.

Sometimes they’re simply not worth it anymore.

You know you are just wasting your time

When it feels like you’re only looking for excuses to still believe in them.

To still believe that somehow there’s still something inside them,

Underneath those layers of hate,

Something worth cherishing.

But sometimes the Beast never turns into Prince Charming.

And then you realize,

They are nothing more than a part of the judgmental, disappointing world

That you loathed for so long.

Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like they wanted you to have a place in their lives.

Like you’re nothing to them.

Sometimes they are not worth waiting for anymore.

Sometimes uncertainty will bring absolutely nothing.

Sometimes people are not what they say they are.

Sometimes the prince turns out to be a frog.

Sometimes you just get tired.

Sometimes you realize they are a lost cause.

Nothing but a lost cause.

And you,

Disillusioned you,

Poor you.

Deep inside you know you can’t give up on them,

You’ll never give up on them,

But you’re trying to.

Really hard.

Because you know there still something in there,

It just needs a little time and a lot of reaching out.

But it’s really getting difficult to keep believing in them,

When you’ve seen…enough.

It’s time to grow up.

Time to let go.

Time to move forward.

And stop looking back.

But despite all of this,

Deep in your heart,

You still believe in them.

Because even a drought-stricken field,

Still has a chance of experiencing rain.

You’ll be kind of stupid to believe so

But if it’s stupid to still believe in the goodness of people,

Then I’m not afraid to say I’m the biggest idiot in the world.

You’ll believe in them forever,

And that’s the problem.