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The Ophelia in Us

November 23, 2015


Ophelia, she’s ‘neath the window; for her I feel so afraid. On her twenty-second birthday, she already is an old maid. To her, death is quite romantic; she wears an iron vest. Her profession’s her religion; her sin is her lifelessness, And though her eyes are fixed upon Noah’s great rainbow, She spends her time […]

All apologies

November 20, 2015


Dear everyone who cares about me, First of all, thank you. You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys thinking about me and stuff. I’m sorry for letting you all worry about me. I’m fine, I really am. You don’t have to worry too much. I’m trying to get better. Sorry if I […]

What it’s like to be depressed (a starter guide)

November 17, 2015


Your heart literally feels like it’s breaking. Sometimes you just feel something grabbing it with sharp talons and you can’t breathe. I’ve experienced this a bunch of times. The tears just keep coming and before you realize it, the sun is up and it’s 5 AM. You forget to eat. Sometimes you go through a […]

I don’t know about you, but I’m (probably not) feeling 22

November 13, 2015


Technically I’m still a few months away from turning 22, but I guess it doesn’t┬áreally make that much of a difference. As with everything else.

Stuff I don’t like about myself (and some stuff you might like about me too)

November 5, 2015


This is a personal self-esteem exercise, or an attempt to make me feel better about myself. Because I feel kind of self-absorbed lately.