Stuff I don’t like about myself (and some stuff you might like about me too)

Posted on November 5, 2015



This is a personal self-esteem exercise, or an attempt to make me feel better about myself. Because I feel kind of self-absorbed lately.

Stuff I don’t like about myself:

  1. I am TERRIBLE at small talk.
  2. I’m not good at instantly making friends.
  3. I can be narcissistic.
  4. I can be selfish.
  5. I barely go out and socialize, and when I do go out it’s either with a few close friends or by myself.
  6. I have a propensity to underachieve.
  7. I’m sad all the time.
  8. I’m too anxious and paranoid.
  9. I’m too depressed for my own good.
  10. I’m dismissive of the majority of popular culture.
  11. I’m kind of pretentious.
  12. I always hesitate to speak up.
  13. I find it hard to let things go so easily.
  14. I often feel sluggish.
  15. I am self-loathing.
  16. I can be cowardly.
  17. I tend to be slightly antisocial (or, to be politically correct, avoidant)
  18. I sometimes lash out when I’m in a particularly crappy mood
  19. I have an appetite for self-destruction.
  20. I’m either extremely hesitant or frank in telling people how I feel, there is no in between.
  21. I’m sometimes clingy when it comes to the people I actually like.
  22. I am always unsure if I’m being bratty or if people are treating me like crap.
  23. I’m terrible at selling myself (obv)
  24. I will reply to messages in either 100 years or never.
  25. Large social gatherings (or gatherings in general) worry me.
  26. I am a late bloomer.
  27. I’m too cynical too achieve in this society.
  28. I’m kind of indecisive.
  29. I’m too sensitive.
  30. I am extremely unathletic.
  31. I can fake my perkiness for not a long time.

Stuff you will probably like about me:

  1. You can talk to me about absolutely ANYTHING.
  2. I’m the person to go to when you need some quiet. I will probably give you too much of it.
  3. You can drag me anywhere (except clubs, parties, you know, typical introvert-repelling places).
  4. If we’re dating, you won’t have any competition whatsoever.
  5. I mean, besides my dogs. Other than that, I don’t think you even have to try.
  6. I tend to think differently.
  7. Being from the language arts/media field, I can be your personal proofreader. But sometimes my language skills are not that good.
  8. I follow a lot of “cultural curators” on social media so if you are in need of something cool, ask me about it.
  9. My friends tell me I’m witty.
  10. I’m nice enough I guess.
  11. I’m naturally inclined to make people feel good.
  12. I never leave anyone out.
  13. My mom says I can cook good afritada.
  14. I’m highly self-aware.
  15. I’m also ridiculously good at stalking.
  16. I have a fine-tuned bullshit detector.
  17. I like kids.
  18. I’m nice to old people too…?
  19. I work hard once I bring myself to start.
  20. I follow numerous playlists on Spotify.
  21. I own tons of books you can borrow.
  22. I hate starting fights or anything scandalous or confrontational, so I’m the low-key type if you like those kind of people.
  23. I have a tendency to think deeply about everything.
  24. I always try to see the good in everything and everyone, no matter how negative I come across.
  25. Some days I don’t really look like a corpse.
  26. I can be good at keeping secrets.
  27. I’m kind of good at observing.
  28. I’m kind of good at remembering.
  29. I guess I’m kind of independent and self-reliant, so you can just leave me someplace and I’ll find my way out somehow.
  30. I love deeply.