Millennial Uncool

November 26, 2016


Hello friend, I am a millennial uncool.

Heart burn

November 25, 2016


My heart has a hole in it, and everything is pouring out.

The Burning Pain of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Your Type”: Reflections on Music and Heartache

October 31, 2016


Music has always been the greatest conveyor of emotions. A beautiful melody infused with heart-wrenching lyrics works like a drug. Nothing like “Build Me Up Buttercup” to reminisce the good ol’ days picnicking at the beach, eh? While listening to certain songs to bring back good memories works wonders, for me the best thing about […]

How I manage anxiety (or at least try to manage anxiety)

September 5, 2016


Anxiety’s a bitch, we all know that. But sometimes, she hates some people more than others. That’s when she gets crippling. But you don’t have to let her win – you mustn’t let her win. Here’s how I fight anxiety.

Future lover dearest: a totally not sappy introductory guide to me

September 3, 2016


I may not know what exactly went into your head and you decided to choose a sad sack of a potato for a lover, but I’m sorry. And thanks.

The things you learn from isolation

August 7, 2016


  Cryptobiosis (n.) – a physiological state in which metabolic activity is reduced to an undetectable level without disappearing altogether. It is known that certain plant and animal groups have adapted to survive periods of extremely dry conditions.

Meds and Kitties

July 16, 2016


  Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially crazy.